Your life feels different on you, once you greet death and understand your heart's position. You wear your life like a garment from the mission bundle sale ever after -- lightly because you realize you never paid nothing for it, cherishing because you know you won't ever come by such a bargain again.
- Louise Erdrich.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Greetings, and welcome to my blog!

This blog is going to be centered on the changes i'm working on performing in my life. I will be posting news, goals and other things related to my personal change on here.
I hope some of you will be able to get some inspiration from this blog, and maybe change a bit yourselves.

I might just need to introduce myself first:
I'm Jakob, and i am currently a lazy geek, mostly sitting around doing nothing with my time. The wave of change that i'm living by right now started out when me and a friend of mine decided to quit WoW and limit Facebook to only weekends/no school.

I'm on my second week of no gaming and less Facebook now, and this feels awesome. Just this morning i decided to start the day with running, and it worked out great - running really gives you alot of energy to stay focused on whatever it is you need to focus on!

Well, that was just my quick intro, hope you feel interested and that you are wanting to follow me through this.



  1. welcome and yeah it does feel good to stay off fb doesnt it? :) i am down to checking it about 3 times a week now

  2. nice welcome dude :) i followed you this seems interesting

  3. Your writing skills are mad bro, +follow!

  4. Welcome to the blogging world, I look forward to seeing what you'll post/

  5. welcome, hope everything works well for u

  6. good luck with your blog dude :)

  7. Good luck with the blog, don't give up <3

  8. miss WoW, but a great decision for my life lol.